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A glimpse of the future. A chilling hatred through a desperate dream. The final end is coming. A bitter taste of what our last road will hold, an untold cold vision about to fold. My memory has already began the forgotten procedure... Soon what I saw so clearly will be only vascillating particles, unable to make up on one's mind. These glimpses, these chilling hatred through a desperate dream. The final end is coming. Here's your fate in the palm of my hand. Am I a savior? I am the one and only bearer of the truth. I hold what could provoke redemption or decimation of all nations. Don't tell me I am madcap. I just feel worthless, meaningless and lifeless in this miserable world. This world of corruption that we all build under repression consume our generation. We established an image composed of illusion. A reflection of our own affliction. I wish I can survive in this garden of Eden. I wish your conscience can survive until darkness emerges in your desperate existence. Pray your God, pray anything you want, fabricate your own heaven, create your minded realm. I am not cracked, I only see the truth, what you all forgot about, what our world was and will be... Only ashes, pain and misery. Let me be a simple human who did live and die, as it was supposed to be. A lost soul, who vanished with his land, let me suffer until I collapse in those clean hands. Let me go, let me live as a man. Forgotten hero who saved no one in the end.


from Disorder, released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Gloria Victis Sherbrooke, Québec

EP 2012 / Goldmine Records

Free download: www.mediafire.com?9qdrd6oo25fuuqk

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