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Unescapable, your way is one of the flow. Unbearable, your path will never be this slow. Tons of them fighting, senseless, overseen by one predator, who await their surrender. Look at this life as a river. To flee death you'll have to fight its current. Tired of being trapped in this mess called ambitions? You'll never be on your own, just under tons of conditions. Time's passing, more and again, but still the same. Ending up facing myself as the water throws me back my inquiry. What am I looking at? What am I trying to find? Is This my destiny? The one who is standing tall, the one who's lying on the shore every time he falls? The stream of life is carved in stone, all the same, every single one. The shore is now out of sight, I've lost all trail of light. Farewell to everybody. I know you never cared. These senseless moments we shared. I leave you like you leaved me. Can't swim anymore. I surrender. Let the flow take me. I'll be better. The stream of life is carved in stone. All the same, every single one. Struggle would take you down/ Under the horizon. In the bottom you will drown/ Under the competition.


from Disorder, released November 25, 2013
Special thanks to Jayson Troy Gamsby



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Gloria Victis Sherbrooke, Québec

EP 2012 / Goldmine Records

Free download: www.mediafire.com?9qdrd6oo25fuuqk

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