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I need to find myself, this time I will not be led astray, but I fear what I could become. This life is my choice, but they keep pushing me down. It's hard to emerge from this cycle. And if I fall there'll be no hands to carry me, only my avidity that will rise constantly. Lies and riddles that's all what life brought me. And to all the ones who feel concerned stay out of my way. In all these words you see craziness, and in my eyes a bit of distress. But these are actions from someone who follows his dreams and the look of a caged man, this is why he screams. Throughout every waking moment, I'm engaged in some battle for my existence. Trying to find myself a sense to achieve any hope for survival in such harsh place. I need to be as ruthless. I swear to ''god'' I will be ruthless.


from Disorder, released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Gloria Victis Sherbrooke, Québec

EP 2012 / Goldmine Records

Free download: www.mediafire.com?9qdrd6oo25fuuqk

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