When Silence Is The Answer

from by Gloria Victis



Another stop, just to watch you fall in me. Another stop, just to try things differently. But then your eyes close brutally. The glass on the street opens my skin, so as yours unfortunately. Waking up in a frozen building, my sight is blinded by a crowded solitude, desperately looking for the sight of you. I'm patiently waiting. We finally find each other... but it's different. You look at me like if I'm nothing important. It's hard to understand that it's not your desire, when your hope lasts by a collapsing fire. At least is there any hope in what just happened? How could I let our life be driven like wheels on snow or like bow and arrow. Will I ever find, will I ever find my way with you? Why don't we jump in the ocean just because we have the right to? Warming your hands by the heat of my breath, painting the life we did dream of on the walls of our existence. Don't you remember when we used to sing? We never feared what life could bring. Don't you remember when we used to dream of a mother, a father, and a diamond ring? Don't you remember?


from Disorder, released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Gloria Victis Sherbrooke, Québec

EP 2012 / Goldmine Records

Free download: www.mediafire.com?9qdrd6oo25fuuqk

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